Mad Max Fury Road – The future belongs to Mad!!


What is it…you look stoned

I am!

What’s the matter? You look numb

I am!

You look Mindfucked…What happened?

Mad Max Road Fury, that’s what happened. Gawd…I have no words to put the feeling I have in my gut! I think am gonna explode my heart out of my skull!

Relax it’s just a movie!

No bitch! It’s the beginning of new cult…shit not only got real it became gold!


Someone make George miller king of world already! Oh what a day what a lovely day! Not for the weak hearted. The movie will make you mad if you aren’t already. If gear action gives you a high this will give you multiple orgasms. i bow to the genius of film, it’s more of a philosophy than just a mechanical thrill. There was a beginning chase on fury road that lasted for about 15 minutes straight and then screen went blank for 5 seconds, I could hear people in the theater breathing heavily. even the makers knew they needed to give breathers in between for so much take in one go was apocalyptic brain tease.

Hats off to shaved headed Charlize Theron for pulling of Furiosa so furiously!!What a show what a lovely show!!The movie will leave you in awe… no wait in awe-mai-gawd. With its psychedelic music and cringe worthy horror you naturally get hypnotized.

I have decided go religious from today…yeah baby I am gonna worship the vehicles used in movie. The Gigahorse is the new God, while War Rig is mother of God.

There is so much in the movie that cannot be put into words.all i am asking is walk into the head of George Miller and Never comeback!!

Total adrenalin! Pure Heroin! watch now and then again!!!

MadMax-FuryRoad-ImmortanJoe.jpg (1920×1080)

My world is reduced to a single instinct: Survive. As the world fell it was hard to know who was more crazy. Me… Or everyone else.


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