Queen 2014


Meet Rani from Rajouri, Delhi. She is a hardcore Indian and absolutely virgin! She gets dumped a day before her wedding and yet she decides to go on her honeymoon. And begins the hilarious journey of a pure desi in Paris, she explores the world after her own crashes down. Meets people you will remember as much as Rani will.

There are character driven moments that will literally get you rolling on the floors…and there are moments that make you sad. All in all it sets you free, its philosophical, its more subtle than it appears. Its one movie you will watch again, recommend to everyone, talk about it like a cricket match everyone saw yet were discussing the next day.

Well what more do I say the film is already the talk of the town! and kangana is literally being worshipped. She deserves!!

Can’t remember the last time I liked a bollywood film soo much!! Queen is truly a game changer and winner of hearts! Hats off to Phantom for this perfect production and also to vikas bahl for this meticulous direction…You guys deserve every fucking award this year! And yeah this sets the benchmark let’s see who takes the next spill!


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