“Sometimes I think I have felt everything. And I think from here on I will never feel anything new, just a lesser versions of what I have already felt.” –Theodore, Her

I write this as Spike Jonze collects his golden globe; no one else is more deserving.

“So what is it to be alive?” – Samantha, Her

So lonely as he is, that being dead was the only next real thing. He walks alone in crowd talking to Samantha. He is constantly trying to fill the empty space of his life, its been a year of breakup from his marriage. The only friend he has is Amy, another lonely soul in the city of people who are so unaware of anyone else’s existence, even their own.

It’s a different time, when a person will be more intimate with artificial reality than each other. He loves red. He is alone. He is romantic but there is no one to express his feelings with, the year spent in emptiness is choking him. He works for a company that is into writing personalized letters, may be the only way he expresses and how he channels his constant need to bleed his overwhelming emotions. But of all the sad things in his life the most devastating part is that he falls in love with an operating system, Samantha.

Her, is a very unusual love story between a lonely man and an operating system, the film is as beautiful as weird it sounds. I was spellbound. Just to sit through was a mind numbing feeling. It keeps you emotionally engaged, its funny, beautiful, sad, depressing, scary.

Amazing screenplay by spike jonze, acting by Joaquin, you will fall in love with the voice of Scarlet. I would be hugely mistaken if I didn’t call it poetic. It’s an artistic marvel of human imagination. Strongly recommended, an absolute Oscar runner!!!!!!!

Her 2013 review





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