Gravity – 2013 …Roger That!!

Houston in the blind this is a blogger from earth, can you hear me? Please tell Alphonso-fucking-Curon that after watching his movie I have been floating ever since in the 7th sky…Roger that!!!

It was 11:30 in the night at Imax, screen opens into outer space with Clooney flying around the space station while Sandra bullock is fixing some glitch on the satellite, in between some chats with Mission control in Houston and a country song plays in the background …these were the first few moments of the movie and since then I have been orbiting in outer space wondering what did I just see!!


Gravity is not a film but an experience. Your body goes through psychological …metabolic …hormonal changes as you see the movie…you will be breathless…claustrophobic and scared. Another masterpiece from Alphonso Curon after Children of Men…

The film is about survival of Ryan stone, a medical engineer on her first mission to space who is caught between a series of calamites in space and eventually remains the only member alive. There is not much in the story to be written here, it is what you see that should be savoured frame by frame in an IMAX screen.

There are moments in the film that are absolutely beautiful to watch, be it the sunrise from outer space or the time when she is speaking with the man on earth and connects with a dog’s bark and baby’s sound while the tears roll out and drift away in space.

Gravity 2013-review-sandra bullock

The brilliance of movie is beyond any words could describe for which a respectful bow to the team who made gravity. The experience is what you take back with you, not the story, not the performances by any cast, it is the minute by minute thrilling experience that only grows in intensity as the movie progresses, and there are moments in the movie where you almost raise your hand to grab a rope or to stop the flying debris from hitting you. The minuscule details have been framed in such a grandiose scale that you will be awed through the movie.

Cyber world calls Gravity a survival film and categorises it with the likes of 127 hours, Castaway, Life of a pie etc. and all this time I was thinking by survival films they meant Himmatwala, Son of Sardar and stuff , where you have to survive through the torture till the end.

Even in Hollywood there are only few filmmakers who are visionary enough to make a 3D film that leaves you spellbound. The movie has made best use of technology to deliver an orgasmic experience!! I can already see the Oscar nominations for this one…go ahead do the Gravity!!

gravity-sandra bullock


4 thoughts on “Gravity – 2013 …Roger That!!

  1. the best thing for me, was the beautiful use of silence in the entire movie… & the honest simplicity.. well, i can really relate to everything so gracefully written here. and ah! how can i forget the scene where she curled up in the form of an embryo.. 🙂 and the ending scene where she says thankyou to the God, someone she never believed in..
    by the way, a lovely review, brother.. loved the way you described the whole feel.. 🙂 hats off!


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