Before Midnight…let them talk, we will listen!!

eathan-hawke-before midnight 2013

The wait was on since 2004, when Jesse missed his flight after Celine sang to him, couldn’t wait till 26 july(Release date in India) so I flew to USA to watch Before Midnight ( Like I don’t already know about torrents).

Here is what I saw..

00:00:27 – Two people walking at airport, oh this is great they will talk us through the movie and yes with the best conversation ever. I am all excited thinking of Before Sunrise/Sunset.

00:00:35 – No wait! Its Jesse & his Kid Hank, they are at airport talking stuff. I am going restless. I mean what the hell!! I have waited almost a decade to see how their story ends/begins. Where the hell is Celine? I look for her everywhere at airport, all I see is dad talking to son about how much he misses him and loves him.

00:05:00 – five minutes and no sign of Celine! This is it, she is dead , I knew it!! that’s why its called before midnight. Jesse is gonna kill himself before midnight. Why else would he get all that emotional with his son. I can’t believe they killed Celine. Fuck you Linklater!

00:05:25 – as the camera over Jesse’s shoulder takes a right turn, she is leaning over the car…Talking. Oh Celine its soo good to see you…did I tell you that my heart beats really slow when I see you and hear you talk. You are that Imperfect perfect woman every guy wants!!

before midnight 2013

And so began the story of conversations about love, life, fear & commitments.

Just like the previous two, this one hits you straight in the heart. The beauty of film is it leaves you with a feeling you can’t describe. The characters have aged and so have their conversations, unlike previous two they don’t have a limited time to reach an ending. It’s not about the time spent talking before sunrise or sunset that left us with fledgling curiosity about how they end up. This one is years after they are married, having twin children and have each other for a lifetime.

Before midnight review

This isn’t about cute puppy first love, playing hide and seek with feelings for each other. This one is more practical about life after they have each other for life. nothing to lose…but with a feeling of being stuck with each other, they are still in love (or may be not). Jesse is same old cynically romantic and Celine the feminist, confident but this time more paranoid.

I don’t see a movie as ‘movie’ movie but a journey through time these characters have grown, every guy has a Jesse in him looking for a so called perfect Celine. We find each other, fall in love even get married…then what? How is it going to be living everyday with her? Will we ever fight? What if I don’t love her anymore? But I loved this woman and wanted to grow old with her…does that binds me to having a pretentious relationship?? All these questions, the movie answers beautifully…it is everyone’s story.

before-midnight review

The film has many engrossing moments , one such is a conversation at breakfast table , Natalie, a character in film talks about her take on life and this is what she says,

“Well, what I miss the most about him is the way he use to lie down next to me, sometimes his arm would stretch along my chest such that I couldn’t move myself. I withheld my breath and I felt safe, complete. And I miss the way he was whistling down the streets and every time I do something I think of what he would say, well its cold today, wear a scarf, but lately I have been forgetting little things, he is sort of fading. I am starting to forget him and it’s like losing him again. So sometimes I make myself remember every detail of his face, the exact color of his eyes, lips, his cheeks, skin , his hair that was all gone by the time he went. And sometimes, not always, but sometimes I actually see him as if a cloud moves away and he is there, like I could almost touch him and that’s when a real world rushes in and he vanishes again. Well I did this every morning when the sun was not too bright outside, well the sun somehow makes him vanish, as he appears and he disappears like a sunrise and sunset or anything so ephemeral , just like our life we appear and disappear and we are so important to someone but we are just passing through.”

And to the passing through!!! Cheers for love, life and loss…go celebrate this movie!

celine and jesse before midnight 2013


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