Dancer in the Dark


Genre:    Crime | Drama | Musical

Cast :  BjörkCatherine DeneuveDavid Morse

Winner of Palme d’Or at Cannes 2000, Director Lars von Trier has given a dark tale of human suffering, the film also secured best actress in the leading role for Björk.

Story: Selma is a blue-collar immigrant laborer  a kind-hearted, innocent at heart single mom with a congenital eye disease which is causing her to go slowly blind. Her twelve year old son, Gene who doesn’t know it yet, but because the condition is genetic, he too is destined for blindness unless he has an operation before his thirteenth birthday. Selma is obsessed with Musicals and dreams of performing in one, she works double shifts to save up for the child’s operation and in between escapes to an ongoing musical rehearsal in which she plays an important part. Her life takes a tragic turn when all her savings are stolen by her trusted friend. watch the rest to sob into a sad tale as emotions take you far more than logic.

Why watch?

To delve into dark side of human mind where saintly innocence is rewarded with a treacherous betrayal, to see fucked up system of faith in humanity. Watch it for Björk’s performance that demands standing ovation, it’s a movie which provokes a disturbing sadness that will leave you choking for embrace from life just in case you wanted to restore your faith and hope.

dancer in the dark+ review

After thought:

I hate it when films make you cry, I mean they are fictitious right? How the hell it engages you so much it becomes almost difficult to hold back those tears.

Lars von trier reveals a very dark side of human relationships much of the influences from his very troubled life (I wonder why he hasn’t shot himself yet)

Dancer in the Dark plays with your mind/psych/emotions with disgusting twists, movie is mostly depressing but nevertheless you will love what you see. Not every film needs to have a happy ending.

Quotable quotes:

They say it’s the last song. They don’t know us, you see. It’s only the last song if we let it be.”



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