Special 26 – हम C.B.I से हैं!!


Genre:   Comedy | Drama | Heist

Cast : Anupam Kher, Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpai and Kajal Agarwal

Asli takat script mein hoti hai!!! (The real power lies in the script..meh! ),  Neeraj Pandey marks the first bang on hit of the year. An explosive entertainer, it is one of those movies where you cheer-hoot-whistle with the theater crowd and come out with a smile on your face while whistling the background score from the movie.


Story : Pure work of a genius, inspired by a true incident(don’t ask me which one,go find yourself) the movie follows the story of a gang of cons Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar) and P.K Sharma (Anupam Kher) , four others, posing as CBI officers and raiding the affluent ones of the society. Their flawless pretense as government officials cleverly raiding ministers and businessmen works great as a part time job until they fall into the mouse trap of Wasim Khan( Manoj Bajpai) , a real CBI officer, just before their one last big crime. Watch to know who outwits the other.

Why watch?

I don’t know just watch it. It’s awesome and I mean it. Okay no comparison here with  A Wednesday for the sole reason that I haven’t seen it yet ** 😮 yeah I know..**.

Watch it for an amazing ensemble of characters, seems the actors were made for the role, Anupam kher , Akshay and Manoj are mind blowing. Jimmy shergil does justice to his role while Divya Dutta as crude महिला कांस्टेबल in Delhi police with two dialogues to be repeated four times in the movie is memorable. The experience is nail biting cat & mouse chase where you hoot for the thief  But seriously movie will keep you glued to the seat, its funny, its hilarious, it thrills you it fills you, background score is powerful even the music by M. M. Keeravani is humable the song dhar-pakad by bappi lehri deserves a place in your i-pod.

Performances and story line enthralls the audience to a new high, powered by a powerful background score Special 26 is an absolute delight.

After thought:  when you have low budget for a film, formula goes like this:

A powerful script + right casting + a director with his heart  in the movie + an apt background score = word of mouth publicity (some despo’s,like the one here) start blogging = your movie is a Blockbuster.

Set in 1987 the movie leaves no room to point out mistakes although I was desperately looking for one, you will spot maruti 1000 on the roads while most of the action happens on Ambassador quite justified. Performances from each is beyond comparison . although pandey ji could have given slightly elaborated ending a 2 min sequence explaining P.K sharma’s exile would have completed it, given the fact that he was the only one with huge family and was busted till the roots. Besides Wasim Khan getting a call at the crime scene that informs the gang has been traced to a different country captured on camera while enjoying cricket match , someone explain the time difference please.

Quotable quotes:

“Asli power dil mein hoti hai! Life mein na bhenchod kabhi kisi se darna mat.”

“ Asli kaam to ye log kar rahein hain hum to sirf…”



2 thoughts on “Special 26 – हम C.B.I से हैं!!

  1. nothing great about the movie , wednesday was far better and talking of background score totally a mash up of bond movies , mission impossible and all. still much better than dabang 2


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