Django Unchained – Bullets anyone?


Once upon a time in the year 2050, a teacher asked to the student of 8th Grade, what do you understand by the phrase Fucking awesome?

Django Unchained, Replied the student, a movie by Quentin Tarantino in the year 2012. That’s the only legitimate explanation for phrase Fucking Awesome. I couldn’t agree more with him.

Yeah, I am gonna take a different style of review on this one. The major reason would be to avoid the sacrilegious act of rushing through superficially on something as epic as Django Unchained.

“Dear God please turn Quentin Tarantino into an Immortal Being, so that this world would never have to live without him making movies” I cried out loud while reading the end credits of Django Unchained.

Jamie foxx-django unchained-oscar2013

You know when a movie starts with awesome score and opening credits are presented in a retro style, when there is hell lot of swearing around and every dialogue is by default a quotable quote, when there are bullets splitting muscles of corpses spectacularly oozing the blood out of their bodies, when brutal scenes are coupled with acoustic gunshots and mind-blowing background score making every second of what you see to be savoured for the lifetime, when the humour is presented with such an irony that you are literally laughing your ass off, when the movie is moving slow and people are talking some deep shit while inside your heart you know that any minute a dynamite would explode right under your ass.  You my friend are very much watching a Quentin Tarantino Movie.

Bows to the filmmaker and the entire cast, his genius proved once again. I give sole copyright of brilliance in movie making to Sir Quentin Tarantino.

christopher Waltz-Django unchained

Story: although I ban myself from even attempting to, but still I would like to try. The story follows the life of our lead protagonist Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave turned into freeman by a German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) a dentist as he declares himself to be, in exchange for Django’s assistance in helping him hunt down the Brittle brothers, a trio of brutal killers working for a plantation owner. Well the one thing that the Django wants more than anything is his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) who had been sold away years ago from him to a sadistic and suave plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). Thus begins the union of two, Dr King who trains Django freeman to become one helluva bounty hunter, and their quest to bring back Broomhilda from the custody of hard candy called Calvin and oh so evil servant  of his, Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson).

OST-Django Unchained

Aftermath: I have seen it thrice before even letting myself to put something that may loosely be called a review. Movie is a mega dose of adrenalin. If you were to be persecuted for some crime in the gravity free-tight-embrace of rope, make your last wish to watch this movie. Di Caprio is spotlessly marvellous, waltz steals the show with his impeccable skills as an actor, Samuel gives you the creeps with his stealthy little act, Foxx and Kerry kinda remain underdog, I mean given the awesomeness of other characters theirs varies to epic proportions. OST is as expected supersedes what one can imagine. Cinematography is very typical of tarantino movies; every scene is an eye candy, even the brutal ones. Right from production design to the camera angles Django unchained leaves no room for complaint.

Jamie foxx-django unchained-film review-oscar

Objection: if I may, sir, Quentin Tarantino, why you needed to show up as a douche bag in the end? That’s M.Night Shaymalan’s thing, you don’t need to come on screen just to prove you own it. We already worship you for your genius. That scene at the end with Jamie was a total waste, please forgive me for this but I kinda wanted to punch your nose and kick your ass for all that douchebaggery!

Verdict: 10/10 , a must watch not just for the Tarantino Fans but for the mankind.


Quotable quotes:

Dr. King Schultz: How do you like the bounty hunting business?
Django: Kill white people and get paid for it? What’s not to like?


Django: [to Big John Brittle] I like the way you die, boy.


Django: You better listen to your boss, white boy.
Billy Crash: Oh, I’ma go walkin’ in the moonlight with you.
Django: You wanna hold my hand?


Calvin Candie: Django, and his friend in gray here, Dr. Schultz, are customers. And they are our guests, Stephen, and you, you old decrepit bastard are to show them every hospitality. You understand that?


Well the entire script of the movie can be put here. But let me stop here and you better go watch it.

P.S: the author is a maniac fan of tarantino movies and his review may not be used for any kind of vengeance from reader that might in future hold a grudge against him for selling him the idea of Fucking Awesome.

In the name of god I pronounce Quentin as sheer genius, Amen.

Review-Django Unchained

Samuel L Jackson- Django Unchained


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