Silver linings playbook – 2012

jennifer lawrence-silverlining-playbook-academyaward best actress

Genre:   Comedy | Drama | Romance

Cast : Bradley CooperJennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro

Nominated for 8 Oscars, David O. Russell‘s beautiful take on life of two maniac wanderers searching for love . adapted from the novel of same name by  Matthew Quick.


Story: What happens when a crazy meets someone crazier…they know at that very instant, I am not the only one who needs help, who needs to be understood…let us complete each other by filling up the empty spaces of moaning silence…you take a step or two…I will reach out and embrace your pain…will you be my friend?

This is a story of Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), recently released from Baltimore mental health care facility, suffering from extreme Bipolar disorder, the guy who gets mad ,4 am in the morning, at Ernst fucking Hemingway for not giving an appropriate ending to a book. Pat has restraining order put on everything that he wants in life to get back Nikki(his wife)and his broken marriage back to normal. Pat meets Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence), equally maniac, a young widow and recovering sex addict who also just lost her job. And then begins the story of when crazy met crazier the only way to beat their crazy was by doing something even crazier, so begins the journey of soulful love, breaking hearts, crazy outbursts, heart bound families and crazy parlay’s.

jennifer lawrence-silverlining-playbook-movie-review

Why watch?

The movie will make you believe in life once again, there is more to love than just the ones you have known. Watch a unique love story of this crazy couple, where each one is dealing with so much in their head while the entire world is on a mission to bring them down and how on their journey they are helping each other to heal the pain each one is suffering from. Each character has its own magic on screen but Jennifer & Bradley will definitely steal your heart.

Afterthought: It is one of those movies that leaves you with a sudden feeling of blues and the hangover stays for some time. The story of pat & tiffany is the most original thing about the movie. Both the characters have done more than justice to the roles. Robert de Niro brilliantly supports the ensemble with his yet again powerful performance. Must watch! Strongly recommended!


jennifer lawrence-silverlining-playbook


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